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Zhejiang prototype factory-Provide QC report

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-04- 03 16: 49

with the rise of the prototype industry, prototype is a key link in the development of new products, mainly to detect the appearance of product design, whether the structure and size are reasonable or not. If you want to make a prototype that you are satisfied with, you need to find a prototype factory in Zhejiang.

to find a powerful Zhejiang prototype model factory, this will test the observation of the person in charge. If you find a good prototype factory, the quality of the prototype made is also a bar. And if the shipping time is still fast, it must be very helpful to their own enterprises. After all, doing experiments early and listing early will seize the opportunity earlier than others. Here, it is necessary to mention a company called Tuwei model, which has been working as a prototype for 17 years. Has cooperated with more than 3000 enterprises. Many cooperation with foreign enterprises. In terms of machine equipment, it is also very complete. There are 55 CNC machining equipment and five-axis machines. There are also 3D Printing Processing, film processing. After all the processes are completed, they will also be sent to the QC room to test the pass rate for you free of charge. If not, rework will continue.

In All Zhejiang prototype factories, this company, Tuwei model, it's really responsible. From the time you place an order to the delivery of express delivery to you, there will be relevant salesmen reporting to you in real time, just to satisfy the customer. Let the customer have a comfortable experience. So if you want to find a prototype factory in Zhejiang, you can try the extension model. Customer satisfaction is the driving force of the extension model!

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