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2017 holiday gift guide: Nostalgia gifts for digital kids

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Tech toys and gadgets are always big winners for kids in terms of holiday gifts, but a new trend is shaking things in a big way: nostalgia.

Good days are back, these old days are better than ever --

School products transformed with digital technology.

In the era of 'smart everything', many items have been upgraded unnecessarily (we really need Wi-Fi-

Enable the toaster ). But these kid-

Friendly gift ideas integrate technology in a way that makes them more practical, useful, and relevant, or just a common cooler for the latest generation of 'digital Aborigines.

'So if you're a parent with a retro vibe or you're looking for a great gift for a child in your life, we'll get it done for you.

If you prefer the lower leveltech or low-

We also have alternative or stock stuff.

Everything you need to give the most fashionable gifts of the festival is here, so check out these retro stuff.

DIY electric dough KitPrice: $29.

99 kids like to play with dough, but this DIY kit can do this if it can teach them all about electronics at the same time.

It contains almost everything you need to make your own colored dough, including wires, LEDs and buzzer, which kids can use to make circuits and more for the fun of charging.

More technology/dough combinations: Play-

Doh Touch shape of living studio, $24.

Starting at 993 Doodler: $49.

Figure 99 high-

The technology of this child

Friendly 3D printer pen.

This gadget allows children to draw colored pieces in the air with a safe plastic that can cool and harden almost instantly.

It's the best for older kids, but for budding artists, it's a great way to discover robots, architecture, and design.

More ways to bring art to life: Crayola Color live interactive coloring book, $5. 99-$17. 99I-LoomPrice: $39.

99 with this combination of devices/apps, friendship bracelets have never been so cool or simple. The I-

Not only does Loom keep all the strings, it also has a tablet (not included), so kids can create custom patterns for their bracelet design using the premium app.

The app even guides them through the weaving process.

For more crafts, you can find it online: Elmer's Galaxy Slime Starter Kit, $16.

Tamagotchiiprice: $14.

All children in their 90 s (and their parents) will remember these super

Virtual pets in need on keychain.

To mark the 20 th anniversary of Tamagotchi, Bandai brought it back to a limited revival in the hope of winning new fans in today's children. More pockets

Pet size: Seed, $14.

Balance: $99.

This digital/desktop hybrid balancing game takes stacking blocks to a whole new level.

The balance beast allows you to stack animals and shapes in the real world and watch their evolution in the virtual world.

If the tower collapsed,

Screen volcano will calculate how long you need to rebuild before the game is over.

More numbers

Inspire desktop fun: Operation: dust S. P. E. C. I. . L. Edition, $35. 00View-

The main virtual reality ViewerPrice is $29.

99 parents (and grandparents) will remember the classic view --

Push the main audience of 3D photos with leverage.

But with the development of 3D technology, the audience is also improving.

This VR headset brings a vintage look to the cut

Google Cardboard technology has the advantage of pushing a lever to turn a child into a virtual 360

Degree of visual experience.

Want to learn more about the retro look of modern technology: Game Boy phone case, $17. 993-

Speed Retro Bluetooth turntable Price: $59.

99 teenagers found vinyl, which made their parents very happy.

But sometimes they are eager to play the latest hits easily.

That's why this record player is such a cool combination for music lovers in your life.

Play any vinyl record or connect a built-in record

Bluetooth speakers on mobile devices and rock.

For more speakers with retro vibe: Bluetooth lava light Speakers for $49.

99 instant digital camera with snapshot touch: $179.

There is an instant camera before the Instagram filter appears.

This modern version of Polaroid is not cheap, but it may inspire new enthusiasm for photography.

With a digital screen and instant print, the make-up room and teens can take pictures and decide if they like it or not and print it there.

With MicroSD storage and Bluetooth compatibility, they can even post photos to social media later (a good time to discuss responsible releases ).

Want to know more about digital photography: the Pixlplay smartphone camera costs $29.

95 Super NES Classic Price: $79.

99 was a huge success with the NES Classic in 2016, and Nintendo re-released another vintage console for 拢 2017, which sold like a hot cake.

If you are lucky enough to already have one (or if you can time it for a limited time to stock) you will get 16-

The Bit's 90s Nintendo console comes with two controllers and 21 retro games, such as the Super Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda pre-installed, perfect for players of all ages.

More retro games: 80 s mini arcade games for $17.

2017 holiday gift guide: Nostalgia gifts for digital kids

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