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27 projects get Disruptive Technologies Innovation funding

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

The government's first 27 projects to receive funding for disruptive technology innovation funds have been announced.

The fund, set up as part of Ireland's 2040 capital investment program, aims to fund projects that address national and global challenges and create and secure jobs for the future.

Investment must be used for development and promotion-

Introducing innovative technologies on a commercial basis that could disrupt an industry.

The fund will provide a total of 500 euros over the next decade.

The government says the fund is a key part of its 'future employment' program.

From now until 2021 euros, the first recipients of a total value of 75 euros include projects such as life sciences, medical devices, information and communication technology, manufacturing, food, agriculture, energy sustainability and creative industries.

They include enzymes planned to produce for the treatment of sepsis and other immune disorders.

Researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons have also received funding to use special probes, artificial intelligence and machine learning with other partners to lead the development of a new system for the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer.

The application of the cooperative energy trading system is also successful, and it will develop a technology platform to enable consumers and communities to generate electricity on their own.

In the first round, more than 300 applicants sought funding from the fund and they had to go through it twice

The review was also conducted by international experts during these two phases.

Projects include cooperation between start-ups

Ups, SMEs, multinational corporations and academic institutions, each involving at least one small business.

Heather Humphries, minister of commerce, business and innovation, said the money was 'very exciting '.

The funding will benefit the life sciences, health and agriculture sectors, including projects focused on providing new technologies for home power, as well as research on coastal floods and 3D printing, said MS Humphreys.

27 projects get Disruptive Technologies Innovation funding

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