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Bridgehead prototype factory-Work hard to create miracles

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-04- 17 15: 18

as the business of the bridgehead prototype factory, I don't force myself to never know how powerful I am and work hard, it allows you to break through the limits of your existing capabilities and create unlimited possibilities. Only when'Ability'It is true when it is exhausted. 'Hard work'The beginning. This'Hard work'Only by counting can we have the meaning of challenging ourselves. However, how many people think about the problem like this? What many call'Hard work'Often even all the existing'Ability' I haven't taken it out yet, but I feel it is'Hard work'Now. Then it is very difficult to have a result.

doing foreign trade business in Qiaotou prototype factory, in fact, it is a difficult task to challenge. It not only requires the salesman to follow up the project within the specified time, but also needs to respond in time to communicate with customers, because the time concept of foreign customers is relatively strong, they also have to face the problem of jet lag, especially those in Europe and the United States. The night in Shenzhen is just the day on their side. If you can digest this work well, it will be a huge gain in your life. Most people feel that it is difficult to do foreign trade, it is difficult to clinch a deal, this view is one-sided. In fact, foreign customers are really considerate and easy to move, but they have not found the right way.

so the bridgehead prototype factory felt that, opportunity is to fight for it by yourself. Every minute is money. Every minute is an opportunity. Try to create more miracles and possibilities because you never know how powerful you are.

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