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Description of two types of prototypes commonly used in the world

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2017-09- 04 10: 45

two kinds of prototype classification instructions commonly used in the world

1) According to the means of production:

The prototype can be divided into manual prototype and numerical control prototype according to the means of production:

(1) Manual prototype: its main workload is done by hand.

(2) CNC prototype: its main workload is completed by CNC machine tools, and according to the different equipment used, it can be divided into Laser Rapid Forming ( RP, Rapid Prototyping)Prototype and processing center (CNC)Prototype.

: RP prototype: mainly prototype produced by laser rapid prototyping technology.

B: CNC prototype: mainly prototype produced with machining center.

RP prototype has its own advantages compared with CNC prototype:

RP prototype is mainly manifested in its rapidity, however, it is mainly formed by stacking technology, so the RP prototype is generally relatively rough and has certain requirements for the wall thickness of the product. For example, the wall thickness is too thin to be produced.

The advantage of the CNC prototype is that it can reflect the information expressed by the drawings very accurately, and the surface quality of the CNC prototype is high, especially after the completion of surface spraying and silk screen printing, even more glorious than the products produced after opening the mold. Therefore, CNC prototype manufacturing has become the mainstream of prototype manufacturing.

2) According to the material used:

The prototype can be divided into plastic prototype and metal prototype according to the material used in the production:

(1) Plastic prototype: its raw materials are plastic, mainly prototypes of some plastic products, such as TV sets, monitors, telephones, etc.

(2) Metal Prototype: its raw materials are metal materials such as aluminum and magnesium alloy, mainly prototype products of high-end atmospheric grade, such as notebook computers, single-release machines, MP3 players, CD machines, etc.

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