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Difference between prototype oxidation and fuel injection

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2016-03- 11 16: 19

oxidation and fuel injection are common surface treatment processes for prototype models. Fuel injection is sprayed with a layer of paint on the surface of the prototype, only by providing the corresponding Pantone color number, the prototype manufacturer can spray the corresponding color on the prototype surface. The oxidation is to soak the aluminum alloy prototype in the potion, let the potion corrosion into the aluminum alloy prototype, so that the oxidation reaction occurs, thus changing the color of the aluminum alloy prototype. Although oxidation and injection make the surface of the prototype color, there is still a difference between them, mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

1. According to different materials, fuel injection can be applied to many materials that make prototypes-- Metal, plastic and resin, and oxidation is only the process of aluminum alloy prototype.

2, the persistence of the color is different, since the injection is only sprayed with a layer of paint on the surface of the prototype, there will be falling off over time, the oxidation is to soak the aluminum alloy prototype in the potion to form a layer of oxide film on the surface. Since the alumina produced by oxidation is a stable substance, it is difficult to react with the oxidation in the air, so the color of the surface is relatively stable and not easy to fall off.

3. The effect is different. The oxidized color has metal texture and looks like the upper-end atmosphere. If you use fuel injection, no matter what, the effect can not be adjusted. The color of the fuel injection can reach a 80% similarity with the oxidized color.

injection effect

oxidation effect

The above is the difference between oxidation and injection, hope to help you.

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