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FBI wants 3D printer to study homemade bombs of the future

by:Tuowei     2019-09-01
A tender that appeared last week on the Federal Business Opportunities website shows that the Federal Business Opportunities Commission wants to get a topof-the-
Line 3D printer from aMinnesota-
Headquartered in technology.
Once in the hands of FBI agents, this machine will help law enforcement understand all the knowledge of cutting-edge explosives made with tools that don\'t look scientific --
The novel A few years ago.
Anyone with 3D printers, blueprints and suitable materials can now create whatever they choose without giving up the privacy of their own home.
In fact, this capability prompted rapid intervention by federal regulators, as some US technical experts in recent years have begun to promote plans to allow 3D printers to launch plastic pistols capable of firing completely lethal bullets.
Now, it seems that the FBI is concerned about how these printers can be used not only to make guns, but also to say that getting a printer will \"support the development of advanced technologies for continuous development and existing high-tech explosive devices.
\"In other words, the FBI seems to want its 3D printer to be one step ahead of an explosive expert who uses similar machines to make his own work.
In order to achieve just as many goals, the FBI has set its sights on a particular area that the bureau considers to be higher than others.
\"The Objet24 Desktop Personal 3D printer is the only instrument capable of producing high-precision and resolution results to meet the agency\'s testing standards,\" the FBI wrote in FBO . \".
Government bidding.
\"The printer is also the only device that meets the FBI\'s requirements to support data recovery and hot environments.
The Objet24 model is the only 3d printer that meets all fbi technical requirements.
\"In terms of requirements, the FBI has a lot of requirements.
The bureau expects that object 24 will produce a printer with installation, training and other support.
According to the price list found on the website NextGov, the FBI is expected to spend at least $20,000, unless object 24 feels it is going to give the FBI a discount.
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