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Find the Right manufacturer-Making prototypes easier

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-05- 27 11: 16

The prototype model represents the image of the company, so don't look for middlemen or prototype factories with poor reputation when manufacturing prototypes, the extension model is still more reliable.

BYD has been working with the extension model for many years, every year, a batch of auto parts prototypes are customized, sometimes bumper prototypes, sometimes lamp prototypes, mainly used for new product development and verification. For so many years, the extension model has been their prototype supplier.

when you find the right manufacturer, it is very simple to make a prototype. There is no complicated middleman to make money and make a difference and cooperate directly with the manufacturer, not only is the price reasonable, but it is also easier to communicate, and more importantly, it is convenient after-sales. If they are traders, there is no way for them to directly after-sales, and they have to find a prototype factory to rework, which will be much less efficient.

Tuowei has been cooperating with BYD for 7 years, in the past seven years, BYD's car prototype suppliers have gone one after another, and Tuowei is one of the few established suppliers of BYD. The price of tuowei model manufacturing prototype is good and lower than that of its peers. This year, among the three suppliers contacted by BYD, the other two quotations are 11000 and 9000 respectively, the price of tuowei's prototype model is only 8800, but the quality is better than the other two, so BYD chose tuowei.

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