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free printable cupcake toppers

by:Tuowei     2019-08-31
Hot products or select products for cupcakes are very popular these days, probably because they do a great job of dressing up cupcakes and getting them to stand in front of them.
Of course, they can also be used for cakes, but as the name suggests, they do the best on cupcakes!
The three free templates in the right column below are available for almost any occasion, from serious to whimsical.
The following are the designs available: Polka dotsVintage butterfli and strawberries. Before downloading these templates, be sure to read the terms of use further on the page. Thanks! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Cupcakes Toppers for seasons and almost any holiday: learn more or buy cupcakes for printable years
Kindle e-round cupcake top and wrapping paper
The book contains 17 seasonal tops and 43 coordinated packages.
You don\'t need a Kindle;
It can be used on any computer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Description you need the following: one or more
Jpg files on this pageA home color printer, or you can take it to an office supplies store with color printers, or a die cutter or craft knife in the shape of a digital printing service or photo paper thick enough 2 \"candy bar, straw or thick toothpick dry scrapbook or photo adhesive glass and cut boarding bag, or doublesided tape (
Depending on the quality of the adhesive of the brand, the glue may also be effective)Three-
Size sticker for polka dot upper (optional)Instructions:1.
Be sure to read the terms of use below before downloading any one.
Jpg file in the right column. 2.
Click a template in the right column to make it look bigger.
You can then save the artwork to the hard drive by control-clicking (Mac)or right-clicking (PC)
On that larger image, select a location on the hard drive to save it so you can easily find it later. 3.
The top template for each cupcake is on 8 1/2 \"x 11\" paper and created at a high resolution of 300 dpi.
Because of the resolution, the art looks pretty big when you see full size on your computer.
But supply.
If you print after the jpg file is saved to the hard drive, it should print well at 8 1/2 \"x 11.
I tried to print the larger image directly from this page, no download, wrong size.
So it\'s important to download pictures (s)
Your hard drive fist and print.
Even after downloading, if the artwork still doesn\'t print properly, just paste it.
In a word processor, such as Microsoft word or Open Office, convert jpg images to new documents.
You can resize the image by clicking the corner.
Jpg, drag it with the mouse.
If you only have these programs, it can even be pasted into the Excel or PowerPoint of the MS or its open source equivalent.
Of course, it can also be put into graphics or publishing software.
If you have this software, you may already know how to use it.
If not, search for the software name on the Internet, plus the word \"tutorial\", and you should find information to help you put the artwork into your software program.
Design Tip: If you use graphics software or Microsoft Word, you can customize the top of your cupcake by adding a name or special message.
Using layers in a graphics program (use Picnik.
If you don\'t have a graphics program and want to try the free web-based version)
, Or create a text box on the artwork in Microsoft Word.
You can use this search query: \"MSWord text box tutorial\" to learn more about using text boxes in the MS word help menu or searching on the Internet. \"4.
When the artwork is ready to print, be sure to use the thickest card stock allowed by the printer.
Some people prefer paper.
You can even use the one with a pattern on the back, because the back on the top of the cupcake can\'t be seen.
Make sure to set the printer to the best settings (
Anything called in the printer settings)
So you will get the best quality
You need to print toppers twice as many as cupcakes because you will use two. 6.
After printing the top of the cupcake, it is obvious that it needs to be cut.
For the best results, use a round die cutter.
You can also use a circular cutter to make fan-shaped or petal edges that look like flowers.
This will work especially well with the dot cupcake top template.
If you don\'t already have a die cutter and want to buy one, there is a link in the column on the right to get it from Amazon.
You can also use craft knives or scissors, but the top knife may not appear either.
Please note that the artwork may need to be adjusted to suit your specific mold as described in step 3. 7.
After the top of the cupcake is cut, place one face down on a flat surface and place a few double layers
Tape or tape (
See below for some suggestions)
So it covers the middle, as close as possible to the edge.
On the second cap that supports it, put some adhesive vertically in the center so that the sugar stick or toothpick is firmly fixed in the appropriate position.
Put the second hat aside and be careful not to make anything stick to the adhesive.
Then, put a candy stick or a strong toothpick in the center of the first top, so it sticks to the adhesive. (
If you use lollipops instead of toothpicks, you may need to cut them into the same length first so they won\'t be too long. )
Carefully place the second top on the first, so that the printed side is outward and the edges align.
Once the pieces are in place, gently press them together so that the adhesive can remain.
Repeat the process for all your cupcakes.
Design Tip: the top of the polka dot cupcake without greetings is the perfect choice to use a fan shaped cutter to make them look like flowers.
Because there is no design in the middle, they also look great with 3D stickers on them, giving them a very custom feel. 8.
Now all that\'s left to do is insert the top into a cupcake or cake to celebrate ---
Whether it\'s an occasion or a fact, you \'ve created your own set of cupcakes toppers!
More free party pictures free birthday cupcakes free print birthday party free birthday scrapbook free print all occasions invite free print birthday invite free print beach party and Luau invite free BBQ and cooking party invite free sports birthday party invite free princess birthday party invite free adult ceremony invite and clip free pirate birthday party invite free beach birthday party and Luau invite to use these free print templates for personal use or to make a preference for friends or family.
However, you may not sell these templates in any form, number or printed form;
As a gift;
Or incorporate it into a commercial product or collection.
If you want to display these on your blog, you can post a template image in a reduced size, which makes it unusable when printing, and/or an image with three cupcakes at the top, as long as the image is accompanied by a link to the page.
If you have special requests or questions, please contact Carla Chadwick, the designer of Kara [@]
B2bcontent solutions. com [. com]. (
Remove brackets and spaces used to block spammers before sending an emailmail. )
Thanks to Trina Clark of DigiscrapKits.
Prepared for The Lady and strawberry illustrations used in these cupcake toppers and one of the backgrounds, delicious pieces.
Com is a round fan-shaped background to Cajoline-Scrap. Blogspot.
Retro butterfly topper elements and background com, Spark Design. Blogspot.
Cake illustration and com from Kevin andamanda.
Com in the font \"not his angel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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The page linked in the previous sentence lists several printable templates with matching invitations.
Lovely cut included
Make simple cowboy girl and owl patterns.
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