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High temperature resistant prototypes are generally made of which materials

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2015-11- 13 10: 55

In the prototype industry, sometimes customers are required to make plastic prototypes with high temperature resistance, and sometimes they are even required to withstand 200 degrees of high temperature. Under normal circumstances, how much high temperature the prototype can withstand depends on its material. Here are some prototype materials with high temperature resistance.

First of all, the material with the best high temperature resistance in the plastic prototype is PPS, and its molding temperature is 300-330 degrees. It is a thermoplastic special engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance, and its outstanding features are high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties. According to the prototype we have done, the prototype of PPS material will not deform at 230 degrees of high temperature, so when the customer wants to make a high temperature resistant prototype, PPS material can be given priority.

In addition to this, iron and fluorine Dragon ( The English abbreviation is PTFE, commonly known'Plastic King') The high temperature resistance is also excellent. Although it is not comparable to PPS materials, it can still maintain its original shape at a high temperature of 200 degrees, and it is also a very good material.

In addition, the high temperature resistance of the prototype of the PC material is also OK. Theoretically, it can withstand high temperatures of 130 degrees, in this respect, it is much better than ABS. One of our customers used PC materials to make a juicer prototype. In the case of 100 degrees of high temperature, it was safe. Later, use ABS to do it, the result is deformed at a high temperature of 100 degrees.

to sum up, if you want to make a high temperature resistant prototype in the future, you can consider PPS, iron and fluorine Dragon, PC.

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