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how 3-d printing works

by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
Photo polymerization and sintering photo polymerization are 3-
D. printing technology to expose liquid plastic drops to UV light lasers.
During this exposure, the light converts the liquid into a solid.
This term comes from the root photo describing the chemical composition of solid plastics, meaning light and polymer.
2000 s of Piemont triad Advanced Manufacturing Center (PTCAM)
It is a cooperative relationship between schools and enterprises.
Metal processing skills training in North Carolina.
Some training in pt cam includes stereo printing equipment (SLA)by 3D Systems.
SLA uses optical polymerization to pass the laser through a liquid plastic bucket called optical polymer.
Same as inkjet 3
D print, the SLA repeats the process layer by layer until the print is complete.
For more details on this process, see our article stereolith3-
D. work in layers.
Sintering is another additive manufacturing technology that includes melting and melting the particles together to print each successive cross
Part of the object.
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Is one of the sintering forms used in 3-D printing.
SLS melt the flame by laser-
The flame retardant plastic powder of the printing layer is then solidified.
This is a similar mechanism in the month-
D printer: they melt the toner so that the toner is attached to the paper and produce the image.
Sintering is naturally compatible with building metal objects because metal manufacturing usually requires some type of melting and shaping.
An example of using metal as a sintering material is a product called LaserForm A6 metal from a 3D system [
Source: 3D system, \"A6\".
Objects manufactured by LaserForm A6 have several advantages over metal products manufactured in other ways, such as moldscasting.
One of the biggest advantages is that SLS can achieve high accuracy.
So far, we have studied 3-
D. developed printing, 4 widely used 3-
Printing technology.
Next, let\'s look at print three-
Dimension object, which applies no matter what method you use.
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