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How can prototype factories reduce errors

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-02- 23 16: 38

This Tuesday, a list of mine was finally shipped, and the list was finally completed. This list is not easy to complete, but I have grown a lot in this list. First of all, the company's rules should be followed, because the rules of the prototype model factory are also protecting the rights and interests of our salesmen.

followed by the prototype model factory in production, we need to avoid some problems of production errors, be sure to note some details on the production list. Also, if the accuracy is high and the output is high, it is necessary to indicate that a sample should be made first; If the customer returns the order to do the prototype that has been done before, the drawings have not been changed, you can indicate on the production list that it is the same as that list, when the production side sees the single number, it will be done according to the previous practice.

and if the customer changes the drawings halfway, be sure to sort out all the details clearly, then tell your supervisor, and obtain the consent of the supervisor, technical director and project manager before proceeding to the next step, in this way, the prototype model factory can make fewer mistakes in the process of processing. Talking to customers is also about skills. My customers think that I am too good to talk, and I feel that I am a new person, I have always wanted to find technicians to exchange technology. I have been unreasonable to me several times. When I asked the project manager to help me communicate with the customer, the customer's attitude is like changing someone, looking at the way the project manager and the customer talk, I learned a lot. Talking to the customer is really a skill.

I still need to improve my speaking skills with customers, in the prototype model factory, I can really learn a lot. My colleagues have their own skills. I also need to learn more from them. I believe that under the leadership of the boss and colleagues, I can become a qualified salesman in the future.

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