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How much does it cost to make abs prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2018-07- 03 21: 00

abs prototype model refers to the model that abs materials are processed into drawings through CNC machining, 3d printing and automatic vacuum re-molding. Because the prototype model has the advantages of short cycle, easy processing and strong performance, it is often used for the verification of new products. So what is the processing price of abs prototype model?

In the prototype industry, the price of the prototype needs to look at the 3D map. In addition to the 3D printing processing method, you don't need to look at the drawings. You only need to know the weight of the prototype. 3D printing is calculated by gram, the calculation method of CNC prototype is more complicated. It is necessary to look at the drawings to evaluate the material cost and the working hours required to process the prototype.

there are still many factors that affect the price of abs prototype, for example, the complexity of the structure, processing difficulty, accuracy requirements, materials, surface treatment process ( Like fuel injection, silk screen, sandblasting, oxidation, laser carving, electroplating, etc) These will affect the price of the prototype. If you need to make an abs prototype, you need to send the 3d drawings, and a professional project manager will give you the price within 1 hour.

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