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How much is the prototype model?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2016-10- 24 12: 04

when you design a new product and directly open the mold for production, the cost is relatively high, the relatively large mold value is 100,000 or even millions. If the structure is found unreasonable or other problems in the process of opening the mold, the loss can be imagined. Prototype production can avoid this loss and reduce the risk of mold opening. I believe many people will ask, since the cost of the prototype is much lower than the cost of the mold, then how much does it cost to make a prototype?

since the prototype is customized, its price is not fixed, and two different robot prototypes, even if the volume is similar, the difference in their shape and appearance processing will also lead to a difference in price. If you want to know the approximate price of the prototype model, you need to consider the following factors:

1, the size of the processed product, the larger the size of the processing, the more materials used, the higher the price naturally;

2, the complexity of the structure of the processed product, the more complex the prototype model, the more hours are used;

3. The material used to process the prototype model is unchanged under other conditions, different materials will lead to different prices;

4. The surface treatment process used to make the prototype model, the more the process, the higher the price;

5, whether the price includes tax and transportation, etc;

The price of a prototype model is not determined by one of the above factors, but to refer to the above factors. So if you need to know about how much you want to make a prototype, you need to send a 3d drawing of the response, then the relevant project will give the corresponding price according to the drawings and refer to these factors.

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