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How the complex prototype model is processed

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2017-02- 06 15: 38

prototype model is needed in many industries when developing new products to detect whether the design of products is reasonable, to speed up the advent of new products. In the past, people did manual prototypes, so it was relatively simple. With the rapid development of all aspects of society, the structure and shape of prototypes became more and more complicated, and the way of manual production was no longer competent. So, how are these complex prototype models made?

There are two main ways to process complex prototypes--CNC machining and 3d printing. Since CNC machining is processed by numerical control technology, it can produce many more complex prototypes, and the accuracy is relatively high. But if the prototype model is too complicated, it needs to be disassembled to process. For complex plastic prototypes, ABS, PC and acrylic are generally used to process them. The viscosity of these materials is good, and the dismantling is spliced back, which has little impact on the strength. For metal prototypes, they are usually disassembled and then welded back.

while 3D printing can process various complex surfaces and special-shaped structures, once formed, the traditional machining can not be processed and can also be realized without considering the use of fixtures. In short, in the view of most people, the traditional prototype manufacturing can only be an infinite approximation of the prototype of the product, thus verifying the product, but there will always be errors, and 3D printing can directly output the product. However, before 3d printing is insufficient, the cost of processing large prototype is too high. Therefore, many complex large prototypes are processed by CNC.

above is related the processing method of complex prototype model, hope to help you.

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