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How the price of the prototype is calculated

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-11- 19 16: 17

most customers asked how much it would cost to make this prototype, but we should be clear that the prototype is a product of a custom class, customers need to provide 3d drawings to see the specific size of customer drawings. After knowing the relevant data, they also need to calculate the price of the prototype by referring to various factors such as material structure, the quotation involves the demand of the whole product, the same product that looks similar, but the price of the material or process is different. The prototype quotation is based on the 3D map to analyze the size of the product, there is also the process and processing time required to quote. Of course, the price reference factors of different prototype processing processes are also different.

The price of 3D printing is mainly calculated according to the weight of the material plus other surface treatment process costs, if the prototype you want to do is suitable for 3d printing, we will calculate the weight of the raw material needed for your prototype based on your 3d drawings, and then multiply it by the price of each gram of raw material, the price of materials is also high and low, and the quality of materials is different. It is to see the application of 3D printers and the needs of customers. The price of better materials is naturally expensive.

if it is a prototype to be batch, it is necessary to do this process of vacuum compound mold. now, then the price of the prototype needs to be added from the price of the prototype model, the price of the silicone mold, the price of each compound mold prototype to get an accurate price. This is because the vacuum compound mold needs to make a prototype model with CNC or 3D printing in advance, then make a silicone mold according to the prototype, and then copy the product through the silicone mold.

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