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How to choose a prototype factory for 3d printing with high temperature resistance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2017-11- 28 15: 00

at present, 3d printing is more and more widely used in China, and there are many manufacturers doing corresponding design and processing. Under normal circumstances, customers will not require good temperature resistance when making 3d printing prototypes. After all, they all know that the 3d printed prototypes are easy to deform at a temperature of 40 degrees, however, there are also very few customers who need 3d printing prototypes that can withstand about 100 degrees of high temperature. What should I do at this time? Be sure to find professional processing manufacturers.

professional comparison, after all, industrial processing is definitely very different from ordinary processing, and the precision requirements will be higher. Naturally, we still have to choose a professional processing party. In view of the fact that this kind of printing industry is not too long in China, in order to ensure the precision and professional level of industrial printing, we must choose to cooperate with regular manufacturers, only in this way can we protect our rights and interests.

Shenzhen tuowei model has been continuously introducing new equipment for 16 years in 3d printing prototype production, the improvement of production technology has finally made new breakthroughs in 3d printing technology. This is a prototype we printed, and at a high temperature of 110 degrees, it was baked for 2 hours in a row and there was no deformation. This technology can be said to be a revolutionary technological change. At present, almost all prototypes printed by the prototype factory cannot withstand such a high temperature, and the extension model has been done.

so if you need to make a 3d printing prototype with high temperature resistance in the future, the extension model is an option that cannot be missed.

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