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How to explain the prototype foreign trade salesman to the customer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-03- 14 09: 36

I believe that you will encounter this problem when doing foreign trade: the company cannot ship to the customer according to the agreed date for various reasons, as a prototype foreign trade salesman, how should we explain to customers so that customers can continue to cooperate next time without anger? In the face of these problems, first of all, the prototype foreign trade salesman should be calm and anxious and cannot solve the problem. Responding to customers with skills and sincerity is an effective way to solve problems.

1. Appease the customer

You can say' Sorry to tell you that we have to delay your goods to a more accurate date' Be sure to add a more accurate date here to let the customer know that at least you have a plan.

2. Timely explain the real-time situation of the product with the customer

appease the customer is only one step, and timely explain the production situation of the product with the customer is an important step. For example, after you explain to the customer that the delivery is delayed, then you should send some finished products of the product to the customer in the mail, including how much has been completed, how much quality is completed, etc, let the customer know that you are following up on this order all the time, instead of throwing it aside. In addition, it is very important that in the process of following up the order, if the prototype foreign trade salesman knows that the goods cannot be rushed out in time, he should communicate with the customer in advance, this will avoid many subsequent problems.

3. With a sincere attitude, don't make unnecessary explanations

As the saying goes: too much explanation is to hide. Dare to bear their own mistakes, explain the problem with the customer with a sincere attitude, and believe that the customer will be considerate'Don' T worry and we will try to ship them as soon as possible'Such a simple word is enough. If you still feel sorry for the customer. Pick up the phone and Say sorry directly! So the customer thinks you are sincere.

The above is that the prototype foreign trade salesman needs to be delivered when he cannot deliver the goods. three methods of customer interpretation, hope to help you.

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