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How to Make a 3D Paper Tree

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
The next time your child complains about boredom or you need to find a project for them to eliminate the haze of a rainy day, this is a great way.
Whether you decide to do Christmas tree decoration or decide to surround a model village with paper Forest, it doesn\'t matter, the main thing is to keep busy and fun.
Start with some paper and scissors!
Fold a construction paper or card of heavy letter size-
Half in stock in order to measure 5-1/2 by 8-1/2 inches.
Draw the outline of half a tree (
From the trunk to the top of the tree)
One side, in the middle-
The line of the tree corresponding to the fold in the paper. (
It can be any tree you like, but an evergreen tree with a lower branch wider than the top branch will stand up better without falling down. )
Keep the paper folded and cut down the tree along the line just drawn.
Open the fold to reveal a symmetrical tree.
Use it as a pattern to draw and cut more trees like the first one.
When you have at least four (
But a few better.
The more you do 3-
D tree meeting)
Proceed to the next step.
Lay all the tree shapes flat on the table, one on two bookshelves. (
Each of the two stacks must have the same number. )
Measure and draw a line down from the top of the tree 4-
There are 1/4 on each stack of paper.
Measure and draw a line up from the bottom of the tree 4-
1/4 on each paper tree on the other stack.
Cut down each tree along the painted line.
If the paper is thick, or you have made a lot of trees, you need to cut a second line that is completely parallel to the first one, the width is as large as the shape pile. (
Press a stack of measurements down a little-
It shouldn\'t be more than inches, or you have too many trees.
Save extra money for other trees. )
Assemble the tree by sliding the tree with the bottom slit to the tree with the top slit.
When you stick them together, fan them open and arrange them until they are evenly separated.
Decorate them as needed.
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