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japan man held over \'3d-printed guns\'

by:Tuowei     2019-08-20
A 27-year-
According to the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation, an old man near Tokyo was arrested on suspicion of owning a gun made by a 3D printer.
Police sources told NHK television that five guns were seized from Imura Yoshitomo\'s home, two of which could have fired deadly bullets and a 3D printer.
This is the first such arrest in Japan, where he shows 3D-
There are printed guns online, the source said.
According to reports, Mr. Imura said he did not realize that it was illegal to print a gun.
No live ammunition was found.
The source added that the investigation was launched on February after the police learned that Mr. Imura had shown video footage of the newly printed weapon.
Desktop 3D printers are available on the street for only £ 500, and more sophisticated models cost tens of thousands.
The world\'s first 3D
In May 2013, a group called Defense Distribution successfully launched a printing gun in the United States, which provided a blueprint online.
However, the State Department quickly requested that the blueprint be removed from the organization\'s website immediately.
It is believed that the printed gun parts were found in the UK in October 2013, but the parts were eventually proved to be spare parts for 3D printers.
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