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Longgang prototype factory-Machining difficult prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-12- 01 12: 01

Mr. Fu of Shenzhen is a product engineer. Recently, a super difficult PC prototype has been difficult for him, their company used to work in a Longgang prototype factory for many years. Later, they found that this product has many shortcomings many times, so I came up with the idea of changing suppliers.

an accidental opportunity, hearing friends say they can look for prototype suppliers online, they search online. 'Longgang prototype factory' I found the tuowei prototype model factory, entered the site and inquired about the front desk, and found the relevant business. The relevant business invited Mr. Fu to visit the factory, and took Mr. Fu to visit the workshop, introduced the CNC lathe brand, and watched the exhibition of fuel injection products, later, I discussed with our technicians the difficulty of fuel injection and assembly of this product. The technicians talked about several fuel injection technologies for Mr. Fu. After listening to Mr. Fu, he said that there are currently 6 sets at hand. First, he arranged to make a set of production for our company to see the effect.

after seven days of delivery, Mr. Fu came directly to pick up the goods, simple prototype test was done on the side of the extension model, which was very satisfactory. Regardless of the injection effect, the gap between the upper and lower cover and the rising speed of the small bullet plate on the back cover. After Mr. Fu returned to the company, he simply revised the drawings and silk screen materials and arranged the remaining five sets of products to Longgang prototype factory--This side of the extension model is produced.

after several times of cooperation, mr. Fu has already recognized the quality of the prototype made by the extension model. Generally, when the original model is to be done, it will be handed over to the extension model. If you want to find a better Longgang prototype factory, please contact the online customer service on the right side of the page.

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