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Longhua prototype factory-The scale is really big

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-12- 30 15: 18

In May 2015, Miss Ouyang searched the Internet'Longhua prototype factory' I found Xiao Zhu, the online customer service of tuowei model, and then Xiao Zhu transferred her contact information to Cao Gong, the business. Miss Ouyang questioned the extension model in the early stage, because the previous supplier was deceived and said that the scale was very large. After the order was placed, she wanted to look at the processing process. The supplier over there said that she had moved the factory, there is no such thing as this, and then the contact will sink into the sea, so I was cheated. It is also more cautious to contact our extension model. Seeing that our profile is also very large, all kinds of plastic hardware can be processed and questioned.

in order to address their concerns, cao Gong took photos of them, warehouses, workshops, offices, fuel spraying rooms, printing rooms and other photos at various locations of Longhua original factory, then they were invited to come over to see the factory and promised to prototype them for free if they were inconsistent with the company profile on the website, as a result, Miss Ouyang came over with their colleagues the next day.

after communication, when I went back, I sent the drawings to the tuowei model processing. For the first time, the Longhua prototype factory also paid more attention to the accuracy and appearance of the prototype, because only this time did it well, customers will continue to trust us to place orders for the extension model, and will cooperate happily.

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