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Looking for a prototype factory in Beijing, you can also compare Shenzhen

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2018-08- 31 22: 07

A few days ago, a customer in Beijing searched online'Prototype factory in Beijing' Find the extension model, contact the customer service Liu of the extension, and then send the 3D drawings through QQ to let the extension model value. Since they wanted to find a Beijing prototype model manufacturer, they refused to expand the model at first, but Xiao Liu of the extension model said that he sent him many successful cases from customers, finally convinced the customer to make a prototype in Shenzhen.

when they receive a 3D drawing of the product, the production department of tuowei model was quickly produced, and the smooth delivery allowed him to take the prototype to the exhibition. A few days later, I received a phone call from the customer saying that in the afternoon, they used the prototype made by the extension model to participate in the exhibition, which was very successful and achieved good publicity results.

not long before, the customer again placed an order to customize the prototype proofing, and only later did he know the product prototype proofing made by the customer. He was quite satisfied with the product prototype proofing of the extension model, now there is no need to go to the Beijing prototype factory to do the prototype, the quality of the prototype in Shenzhen may be better.

there is another reason why customers choose the extension model, shenzhen has convenient transportation and can be oriented to cities from here, and the accuracy of our customized prototype model can reach 0. 01mm, and 3 ~ If you can't find a suitable Beijing prototype factory, you might as well look at the extension model.

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