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Nanjing prototype factory-Manufacturers where customers place orders at ease

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-06- 11 08: 47

In the current period of rapid transformation, the competition in various fields is very fierce. The prototype manufacturing industry is that at the beginning of the transformation, the prototype was a profitable industry. After that, many people who learned the skills came out to create the company themselves, therefore, there are many and many prototype factories in Nanjing today.

as a month ago, Jin from Nanjing was born on Baidu to search for'Nanjing prototype factory' I saw a lot of news and found the news of the extension model in many news. At that time, he carefully checked a lot of news about the extension model, and then contacted the customer service and left a contact number, the professional business salesperson received the customer. After learning about Mr. Jin's concerns and some problems in the communication, the salesman invited him to come to the factory to learn about it.

after a few days, the customer came to the extension model of Nanjing prototype model factory. The salesman first took Mr. Jin to the trial room to see the samples he had done before, and then went to the workshop. While visiting, we interpret the advantages of the extension model for our customers. After the visit, the customer said that he had also found a prototype factory to cooperate before, but their equipment was not complete, and there were few equipment, few employees, slow shipment and poor prototype quality, after seeing the strength of the extension model, I put down my heart and made a single order.

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