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niti aayog panel moots private funding for r&d

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
The NITI Aayog innovation group recommends that the private sector help fund research and development, including research labs at universities and start-ups.
In contrast, Google\'s origins can be traced back to research projects funded by the United States. S.
A large part of the success of the National Science Foundation and Apple can be attributed to the United States. S.
Small government-
Business Administration projects that provide investment assistance to start-ups.
The panel of experts in India also recommends improving tax incentives for investments, which are equivalent to the percentage of corporate profits for universities and start-up enterprise research laboratories.
\"Research labs that can be used by companies for profit in universities and/or industries --
University cooperation research . . . . . . For the purpose of investing and starting a business, part of the company\'s profits can be used in the company\'s venture capital fund.
Ups and/or incubator.
The government can provide tax credits on this issue . \"
Tarun Khanna suggested in a recent submission.
The panel also recommends that all contracts with foreign defense companies of more than $5 billion should include a clause that provides for the use of the value of the contract to establish research
University-centered, with special emphasis on its core product areas and a wide range of attention to related areas.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley allocated rupees in his budget speech.
Atal innovation mission 150 crore (AIM).
After that, a committee was set up to advise on how to promote innovation and build entrepreneurs
A friendly ecosystem that promotes employment growth.
The group also recommends the establishment of a \"university manufacturing\" project, which includes the establishment of 500 repair laboratories, and aspiring entrepreneurs can try to create products that solve local problems through a 3D printer at each institute
For these laboratories, the panel recommends the use of half the Rs. 1,000 crore Mr.
Jaitley has set aside space for self-employment and talent utilization (SETU)scheme.
The committee of experts also recommended that the \"Grand Prize\" approach be adopted to find the Superlow-
According to the practices of some developed countries, the cost solution of India\'s most difficult problems.
\"Encouraging innovation is promoting innovation all over the world. In the U. S.
XPrize will provide tens of millions of dollars to those who can provide solutions to major technical challenges . \"
The committee recommends the AIM budget for Rs.
You can use up to 150 crore to reward 12 awards per year.
Each challenge should be rewarded between Rs. 10 crore and Rs.
30g it added that AIM should also consider setting aside a portion of the bonus to place orders for the products and services generated by the winners, as this will help create a market for the products of the winners.
The panel also called for increased investment in business incubators under Rs.
There is 200 per cent of public expenditure per year, and the private sector has made significant expenditures for this purpose.
Another key recommendation of the panel is the establishment of a \"Fund --of-funds (FOF)
The government uses the Rs corpus to seed other early risk funds. 5,000 crore.
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