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Now, an app and a 3D printer enable you to print out a statue of yourself

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
Why should netas enjoy all the fun?
It\'s easy to make yourself as abc these days (
Or anyone you choose)
Personalize on T-
Shirt, poster, coffee cup, office wall, birthday cake, what do you have.
But now you can even make yourself into a figurine with an app and a 3D printer.
This is just the latest in self-development-though important --portraiture.
Connect it with a selfie or even an avatar.
But in addition to the modern experiment with self, mini
My statue is politically challenging the occupation of public space.
Giant with motivation
Today, a battle about whether Ambedkar, Shivaji or Sardar Patel will stand higher is going on fiercely at the expense of the Treasury Department to achieve the purpose of the election.
Most voters have little say in this issue.
But why do powerful people have it all the way?
After all, our tastes have dominated the privacy of homes, workplaces, cars.
Now, the same is true of our statues, or of our favorite writers, musicians, teachers, scientists, athletes, war heroes, etc.
The best thing is that changing one\'s mind will not come at the expense of social harmony.
Suppose you replaced the M. S. Dhoni statue on the dashboard with Ajinkya Rahane, if there is no such destruction as the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad or the Lenin statue in Kiev was removed. Mini-
My statues, selfies, avatars-all these self-related experiments are not what conservatives like.
Maybe in a world without all this, they will feel more comfortable.
It did exist once.
In the past, the portrait was the privilege of Wang Gong, businessman price and zaminda.
Every ordinary person can now have extraordinary incarnations and aspirations.
Even in 3D, individuals can zoom in on excessive self.
What don\'t you like?
Counter-attacks on social unrest
The central government seems to allow the start-up spirit to blossom.
However, the Russian company Artec Group is not a good thing, and the products sold by the company allow \"themselves\" to be transformed into statues.
There is no moral reason to oppose the self.
Because this is how we might be genetically programmed.
However, it is disturbing to see the degree of self
It is contrary to social cohesion, which is an invisible safety net to support society.
Turning \"self\" into a statue is a growing symptom of discomfort that can undermine social unity.
When people are willing to pay for such a statue, it should trigger introspection rather than online orders.
This development follows many others who have taken advantage of the trend of voluntary presence in slums.
When using public transport, it is often encountered that many people leave the surroundings with the help of some handheld devices and headphones.
Yielding to this trend may be unfavorable for a long time
Long-term consequences for society.
It eventually led to the creation of slums in the virtual world, where the only people allowed to enter were those with similar views.
Both in the real world and in the virtual world, Ghettos has harmful consequences, so we should be alert to the emergence of another symptom that exploits potential trends.
The statue is related to grandeur.
It\'s hard to imagine who else wants their statue, unless it\'s a narcissist.
The statue cannot be compared to the photo, which captures an important moment in one\'s life.
In this case, when companies are optimistic about the business proposition of turning technological advances into selling \"their own\" statues, the alarm should ring.
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