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picture books for the visually-impaired get a 3d boost

by:Tuowei     2019-08-15
\"Good night room. Goodnight moon.
Good night, the cow jumps over the moon.
Good night, Red Balloon. . .
\"Do you remember the classic children\'s books? Thanks to the efforts of the Boulder team at the University of Colorado, a rabbit now says good night to everything around it, and the 3D version of Margaret Wise Brown is now available.
The team\'s tactile picture book project aims to introduce 3D printed books to help visually --
Disabled children like the beauty of children\'s books.
Tactile books are picture books designed for visually impaired children.
The texture of some tactile books is contrasting and the text is small, and all the illustrations can be felt.
\"This is a popular children\'s book, and we started with it.
Jeeeun Kim said: \"This story focuses on objects that children can see, touch and see from their daily lives, and reminds us to focus on one or two objects per page, \"a graduate student in computer science at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Tactile books can cooperateread, i. e.
Parents can read the story and the children can feel the pictures on the page.
Kim moved to the US to learn technology after resigning from Samsung and KT.
As a scientist and technician, she always wants to find a way to help people enjoy technology.
In 2012, Dr. Tom Yeh, assistant professor of computer science, started the project with his students.
\"DrYeh has a young son who likes picture books.
We have implemented this effective way of conveying the context of children\'s books through vivid and colorful pictures, which is visually unrecognizable --
Children with disabilities.
At the same time, the price of 3D printers is getting cheaper and easier to buy.
This reminds us that we can use this emerging technology to help these children.
The second tactile book published by the Colorado team is.
1955 children\'s book by Crokett Johnson is a curious story of four peopleyear-
Old people who can draw their own world with purple crayons.
Some 3D pages printed contain the object of a dominant page--
Like Harold climbing a boat.
Kim is currently working on transcription, pop musicup book.
\"Simplicity and avoiding too much detail is the key to children\'s tactile books so they can be introduced to specific concepts conveyed to the pictures,\" Kim said . \".
Future plans include a 3D printed children\'s book that can provide feedback to children interactively.
\"We want to create a story that focuses on the unique sounds of each object, such as animal sounds from \'Polar bears, polar bears, what do you hear, \'\" Kim said . \".
The tactile picture book team is working with pre-
Schools for blind children in the greater Denver area, as well as the National Braille Press, distribute books to blind children and libraries across the country.
They want to eventually build a virtual community of parents and teachers.
You can design your own children\'s books, download and customize damaged children.
You can visit www.
Watch the video of their work here: from now on.
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