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porous 45s5 bioglass®-based scaffolds using stereolithography: effect of partial pre-sintering on structural and mechanical properties of scaffolds

by:Tuowei     2019-08-13
45 S5 bracket made of bio-glass®Ceramics (BG)
Due to its excellent biological activity and ability to combine with natural bone tissue, clinical potential is shown in bone regeneration.
However, the porous BG bracket is limited due to its mechanical integrity and the large volume shrinkage that occurs during sintering.
This study examined stereo printing (SLA)
Preparation method of mechanical solid porous biological glass®-
Ceramic support based, with regular and interconnected network of holes and using a variety of computers
Auxiliary design architecture.
A diamond was found. like (DM)
The building provides the most controllable result for the scaffold, and there are no observable closed air holes in the fired scaffold.
When the hole size of the DM bracket with the same hole rate (~60vol%)
From 700 μm to 400 μm, the value of compressive strength is from 3. 5 to 6. 7MPa.
In addition, smaller size shrinkage can be obtained by adopting partial pre-shrinkage
Compared to standard 45S5 bio-Glass, sintering bio-glass®.
Bracket derived from pre-
The compressive strength of the sintering biological glass is also slightly improved.
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