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Precision prototype factory to help you open the mold more smoothly

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-10- 29 19: 40

some time ago, Ms. Wang of Changsha contacted the extension model and saw a large area of the extension prototype model factory praised on the Internet, I feel that this prototype factory has two brushes, so I contacted the online customer service on the right side of the website and asked if the extension model can process a high-precision aluminum alloy prototype.

Tuwei model customer service Xiao Liu learned through in-depth communication with Ms. Wang, ms. Wang is a mold factory. His customers usually have to test the prototype before opening the mold. The nearby prototype factory has limited strength and often can't achieve the desired effect in terms of accuracy, so I had to search online. 'Prototype factory'The extension model was found.

Ms. Wang sent a prototype drawing of aluminum alloy, after reviewing the drawings, the extension model engineer found that the prototype of this aluminum alloy requires very precision, 0. 05mm machining accuracy, the general prototype model factory can't do it. Before the change, the extension model can't do it, but the extension model introduced the five-axis machine three months ago, and the machining accuracy reached 0. 01mm, it is not a big problem to make this aluminum alloy prototype. After simple communication, Ms. Wang placed an order for the production of the Tuowei model.

after 5 days of hard work, the Tuowei model sent the processed aluminum alloy prototype to Ms. Wang by express delivery, and the accuracy achieved the effect she wanted. She was very satisfied with this, saying that the prototype to be done before the subsequent mold opening will also be handed over to the tuowei prototype factory.

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