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by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
Having re-
2008-invent yourself
The recession of Epson ko Epson (Epson)
The Japanese company, known for its printers, is ready to scale further after developing a powerful product line based on precision technology.
As a business strategy, the company decided to focus on printing and manufacturing (robots)
Visual Communication (projectors)
Wearable/sensor products such as smart glasses and watches-
Sports and pulse monitors are in high demand in the global market.
\"We have the potential to become market leaders.
My goal is to make Epson an indispensable company for customers and society.
Epson\'s technological innovation will bring about real change, \"said Epson global president Minoru Usui, who told select journalists at the company\'s press conference\" beyond your vision, the company\'s manufacturing facilities in Japan.
\"Epson\'s strength lies in the traditional Japanese \'Shan zuuri \'(
Arts and Science in manufacturing).
This helps us to vertically integrate the manufacturing process and achieve continuous improvement of core equipment and other original technologies.
\"Now, we are back on compact, energy-efficient and high-precision products based on Sho Sei technology,\" he added . \".
During the years of the recession, Epson\'s sales fell sharply, and it is gradually reversing the trend supported by the new business portfolio.
\"I decided to end some non-profit businesses and focus on areas where we have core technologies.
In the past 12 months, this strategy has achieved initial results . \"Usui said.
The core of precision is the key to driving change in printing, he said.
\"My ultimate goal is to have Epson print everything,\" he said . \".
To demonstrate its technological innovation, Epson has opened its precision core inkjet print head production line to global media for the first time.
In the field of printing, Epson is developing a strategy to force enterprises to avoid laser printing and accept efficient and economical printing --
Effective inkjet printer.
The company has also launched new textile and label printers.
Epson, which produces industrial robots, has developed double
Arm robot, sales began in 2016.
These robots will solve the labor problem.
Problems related to the factory
Although several companies are already producing 3D printers, Epson says it will have a commercial 3D printer in five years and a full production line in ten years.
Overall, the company has invested $0. 3 billion in developing new products and will invest another $100 million this year to expand production lines.
For the Indian market, the company has developed costs-
The president of Epson said that the effective products are mainly printers and projectors used by families and institutions. (
This correspondent went to Japan at the invitation of Epson)
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