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Prototype factory of aluminum alloy-Good atmosphere of teamwork

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-12- 26 16: 56

Mr. Wang of Foshan City found the extension model on the internet and sent the Prototype drawings of aluminum alloy to consult whether the extension model can be processed according to the figure? How long is the delivery? It turned out that Mr. Wang's aluminum alloy prototype was a bit difficult to process. He also found other aluminum alloy prototype factories before, but it ended in failure.

listening to friends saying that the processing technology of the prototype factory in Shenzhen is relatively mature, it should be possible to do it. Mr. Wang found the extension model through the network. He saw that the extension model is an aluminum alloy prototype factory with 17 years of prototype customization experience. The online praise is like a tide, and he came to consult.

It looks simple to see Mr Wang's aluminum alloy Prototype drawings, but the accuracy is quite high. At the beginning, he still didn't trust the Tuowei model. Miss Li, the relevant business, sent him some videos and pictures of five-axis machining of the aluminum alloy prototype factory to let him cancel his doubts, he still handed over the project to the Taowei model. At present, the project is still under way. I believe that the product will be made and our company will not let Mr. Wang down.

since entering the company for two months, although Miss Li's projects are somewhat complicated, they have been solved through the joint efforts of the project team. In this aluminum alloy prototype factory, Miss Li will not feel that she is fighting alone and has a United project team to help her.

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