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Prototype factory Shenzhen-Help you reduce the risk of mold opening

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-07- 03 10: 08

The prototype factory Shenzhen tuowei model has 18 years of prototype production experience, and has always pursued perfection since its inception, technical upgrades and the introduction of machinery and equipment have never been interrupted. There are more than 600 customers in China's provinces, and they have been recognized by them.

mold factory in Zhang, Changsha, works, because we want to make a high-precision mold, we can't open the mold at will. We must first check the prototype, so we found the extension model through the network. If the customer knows a little about the prototype industry, he knows that the requirements of the mold company and the design company for the prototype are very strict. Therefore, even if the extension model provides a lot of information to prove that it can be a high-precision prototype, Mr. Zhang is still very upset and decided to visit the company in person. When he arrived at the fuel injection department of the prototype factory Shenzhen tuowei model, he saw that the Wang Gong of the fuel injection Department would bring a prototype model with a dust drop to pick out the re-assembly one by one, and asked: customers may not see this kind of problem. Why are you so serious? Guo Gong said bluntly: to do a good job in each prototype model is a service commitment to customers. It is a conscientious attitude like the extension model, which touched Mr. Zhang. He was very relieved to hand over the prototype model to the extension model to do it!

Thank you, Mr. Zhang, for your trust in the Shenzhen extension model of the prototype factory and his approval, only tuowei has full self-confidence and warmly welcomes customers to visit and discuss with the company. He firmly believes that the cooperation of tuowei model can reduce cost, cycle time and risk for your development and design!

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