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Prototype factory-Smooth surface

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-01- 05 16: 31

most of Mr. Zhu's prototypes are to be appearance prototypes, and they are particularly impressed by the extension model when looking for the prototype factory, this time, when there was a new project, I immediately contacted Miss Mo. He said that the fuel injection technology of the previous supplier was not good. I just saw that the extension model has an American technical director, I went to this to find the prototype factory.

there are still many sink points in the oil injection of the previous sample. , it may not be polished or the environment. When Mr. Zhu came to see the factory, the appearance prototype factory CTO took them to look at the fuel injection room of the Taowei model and the dust-free fuel injection workshop, and also tested the effect of spraying light oil on the spot, the sample is very good, and the surface is smooth without sinking points.

through this demonstration, CTO in the United States has conquered customers with actions and convinced them that Tuowei model is a powerful prototype factory, so Mr. Zhu gave up his previous Prototype supplier and turned to cooperate with Taowei model.

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