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Prototype manufacturer-Preparation for dealing with foreign customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2018-12- 13 15: 27

I have been engaged in foreign trade business in Tuwei model for more than two years, 10: 30 p. m. a month ago, suddenly, I received an offer on Alibaba, then looked at the customer's inquiry content, and then learned that the customer urgently needed to find a prototype manufacturer to do this project for him, so I quickly replied to him.

after replying to the inquiry, I still didn't receive the customer's inquiry reply and email reply. At that time, I was particularly anxious. I thought if the customer had already found someone else to do it or had already done it in their local prototype manufacturer, so, I don't think I can just wait so passively and let the opportunity lose to others in vain. Immediately, I went to Ali's backstage to check the account information of this customer and found that the customer's reputation and purchase volume and the industry that is more inclined to purchase also learned, the number of times customers log in to Ali's account is not particularly frequent. At that time, they felt that customers must need to find a prototype manufacturer before they would release RFQ or inquiry in Ali, and then my' Why haven't the customer replied to my inquiry yet'The question is naturally solved.

although I know the psychology of the customer, however, I have never contacted the customer. At that time, there was no customer's phone number. Therefore, I suddenly remembered some relevant knowledge I learned during foreign trade training and quickly searched with Google, put the customer's name email in the search, and you can quickly find the customer's phone number and a lot of detailed information, including the customer's company address and specific positioning, and the company around the customer's company can also find this information, just like a locator. The initial understanding and collection of relevant information is to be able to talk about business with confidence and confidence during the call.

The above is the need for the business of the prototype manufacturer to deal with foreign customers ready to do, hope to help you.

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