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Prototype manufacturer-Recognized by Sri Lankan customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-17
2018-12- 11 11: 43

last month, Xiao Chen of the Ministry of Foreign Trade found a Sri Lankan customer through international Alibaba. After communication, the customer placed an order in the extension model. few days later, Xiao Chen sent out the products of Sri Lanka's customers, and after the customers received the things, they were very satisfied with the prototype quality made by the prototype manufacturer and Xiao Chen's service.

at that time, the customer and Xiao Chen had just begun to contact, the customer is still in a period of cooperation. At the beginning, the customer had a vigilant mentality to talk to Xiao Chen. After a period of contact and discussion, the customer was impressed by Xiao Chen's specialty. Xiao Chen also took videos and photos of some prototype manufacturers to help customers solve some technical problems of the products and give professional and reasonable suggestions, this customer is designed as a sports car, making dozens of prototypes of sports cars every year. The customer has a good relationship with Xiao Chen now, and he also believes that Xiao Chen believes that in the days to come, the customer will place a lot of orders for Xiao Chen.

even customers in Sri Lanka are working as prototypes here by Shenzhen prototype manufacturers, it can be seen how awesome the prototype quality of the extension model is. If you also want your design ideas to turn into reality as soon as possible, please contact online customer service on the right side of the page.

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