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Prototype model Manufacturing Company-Careful work handover

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-05- 07 11: 33

came to the prototype model manufacturing company for nearly 4 months. Some time ago, a single was placed, which was a foreign customer talked about before his colleague left the company, he transferred the order to me, and a total of 10 pieces were to be produced. The materials were two pieces made of wax gourd white MMA, transparent PVC and black ABS, and wax gourd white. The customer said two pieces in the mail, one left and one right, the mirror effect, the side with the R corner to do silk screen printing, black paint, UV, but because the handover information of the former colleague is not complete, the two pieces are made exactly the same, it is not a mirror effect. Both sides are sprayed with black paint. The right side is over UV and there is no silk screen.

and then do all the pieces in the prototype model manufacturing company, when the QC department has checked and confirmed that it can be shipped, take photos to the customer. The customer pointed out the problem. Brad and I repeatedly confirmed with the customer. The result is that the customer's request is that the wax gourd white material, the side with the R corner is made of black silk screen and then passed UV. CNC re-gong the two pieces, made a mirror effect, the side with the R angle made a black silk screen, after the UV highlights. When the photo was confirmed to the customer, the customer was very satisfied and shipped it to the customer that afternoon.

I know from this matter, when the prototype model manufacturing company is doing the handover, it is necessary to collect all the information completely and correctly, and do not have any omissions, so as not to cause production errors, waste so much time and expense.

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