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Prototype Model processing plant-Small rework probability

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-08- 16 15: 36

when the prototype quality of your prototype supplier is not good, it is sooner or later to change the manufacturer. When you are struggling to find a new prototype model factory. The extension model has successfully helped more than 3000 customers to customize the prototype. Due to 18 years of prototype processing experience, it is possible to cope with the problems that arise in the production process, and then properly handle them to prevent them from being sent to customers before they find that they will be reworked later.

when you send the 3d drawing, the prototype model processing factory will try its best to help you to cooperate with each other and work together to produce a high-precision prototype. When you send the drawings, the cnc machining molding method and post-processing process effect chart listed by the relevant business manager will be determined. This is all to distinguish whether a prototype factory has the characteristic of strength. This powerful manufacturer should cooperate and make a prototype without any suspense.

so far, tuowei model has already cooperated with many large and small enterprises, including Gree, BYD, Jingdong, Beiqi Futian and so on, and their evaluation of tuowei model is also very high. The management and service of the prototype model processing factory are convenient and reliable, and the probability of rework is small. Looking forward to today's introduction, you will have the idea of cooperation.

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