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Prototype model Zhongshan factory-Delivery in the rain

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-05- 25 15: 34

some time ago, a customer searched online'Prototype model Zhongshan' After receiving the customer's inquiry, it was required to use transparent and heat-resistant materials. The customer said that the surface requirements of the prototype were very high, but the appearance of the sample version did not meet the requirements. For this reason, the customer found the extension model again. For this reason, the extension model takes the customer to the workshop to visit.

The Salesman segment of the prototype model Zhongshan is mainly to take the customer visited the post-processing room. The performance of the material of the prototype determines the surface treatment method of the prototype model. When the customer does not have other requirements, the surface treatment methods commonly used in the prototype model are mostly treated according to the routine and cleaned. But if there are other requirements, the price will also rise.

after the visit, the customer was very satisfied, however, there is still a little concern. After all, I was afraid of the pit before. So in order to reassure the customer, it is proposed to let the customer customize one first and see how the effect is. If the effect does not conform to the customer's mind, let the customer decide for himself. The customer agreed to place an order immediately. After 3 days, the original type was completed. The Duan Gong was very responsible and personally delivered to the customer, and the sky was raining heavily. The prototype model Zhongshan's Duan Gong did not bring an umbrella, so it passed.

after the customer got the prototype, it was also very surprised, although it was not wet, it was still very surprised that the heavy rain was sent in person. After that, the customer's products attracted a lot of people at the exhibition, and also won a lot of orders. The customer was very happy and said that he would cooperate with the prototype Zhongshan manufacturer next time. For the trust of customers, the extension model is also very happy! If you are also looking for a responsible manufacturer, look at the extension model!

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