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Prototype model Zhongshan factory-High customer return rate

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-04- 23 10: 44

mili is a buyer who is a foreign product company. In fact, if you are a buyer of a small company, the pressure is not particularly great. However, this is a well-known enterprise, naturally, it must be meticulous in everything. So in fact, working in a big company is really working under pressure. This time, their boss asked her to find a prototype model Zhongshan factory to cooperate. This is also a test given to her by her boss.

so mili looked for several prototype factories online, I also visited several prototype Zhongshan factories, but I felt like something was worse. So there is no cooperation. So mili continued to search online until she found the information of the extension model. The photos of the prototype model she felt very delicate and durable. After that, I read a lot of information about the extension model. It feels good. So I contacted customer service and left the contact information. A few days later, mili came to tuowei model.

Xiao Mo, the salesman of the prototype model Zhongshan, received the customer, at that time, I learned during the chat that since they are well-known enterprises, the prototype factory they are looking for must be formal. And the quality of the prototype must meet their requirements. And be sure to keep it secret. After knowing Miss mili's concerns, she took the lady to the workshop first. Miss mili was very satisfied. After the visit, Miss Mo told Miss mili that the extension model not only kept the customer confidential in the form of a contract Confidential book, but also had the confidential software to keep the customer confidential. Only the general manager can open the software. So Miss mili moved her heart. It was a cool order.

after the prototype is completed, the Courier is sent to Miss mili, miss mili was very satisfied. So it became a repeat customer of the extension model. So, if you want to find a prototype Zhongshan manufacturer with a good prototype and high privacy, you can look at the extension model. You are welcome to disturb at any time!

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