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Prototype-Need to find experienced manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-08- 16 12: 49

now there are many customers who need to prototype in the near future who will find the cooperation of the extension model, just because the extension model is a manufacturer specializing in prototype models, it has been 18 years of processing history! There are thousands of customers who have cooperated!

For example, there is a Mr. Lin, he took his partner to visit the Tuowei model! They found many prototype factories to make prototypes, but they gave up because they couldn't talk about some aspects! But then I heard that there is a prototype model made by a manufacturer called Tuwei model. It is very popular! And many new customers have become old customers! It can be imagined that the strength of the extension model is not something that the general prototype factory can keep up! After that, I contacted the customer service of tuowei!

asked Mr. Lin if he wanted to make a prototype, after that, I asked for Mr. Lin's contact information! few days later, Mr. Lin and his team visited the tuowei model! The salesman led Mr. Lin to the sample room and went to the workshop after reading it! Discuss while visiting! Mr. Lin is especially satisfied with the post-processing! Very perfect and professional in surface treatment! After sending Mr. Lin away, Mr. Lin sent the drawings to the salesman! Production started!

This is just one of the small examples! Many customers will find the extension model to prototype. Although the price will be more expensive than other manufacturers, as long as customers are willing to trust the extension model, the extension model will definitely redouble its efforts to better serve the customers!

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