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Prototype production of auto parts-5-axis machining 3-dimensional inspection

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-04- 19 08: 49

The extension model has a new five-axis machining equipment for prototyping of high-precision auto parts, the effect is very outstanding compared to the small factory is a qualitative leap. Because the five-axis machine with three-axis function can be better and faster, the complex structural plane is also awkward. The cost will be increased accordingly.

but all within the scope of customer acceptance, because a lot of prototype production of auto parts, it will be considered that there is no standard prototype in front of the accuracy, which will cause problems in the assembly process. Even if it is not found in time that damage is made during use, it is difficult to make up for it.

prototype production of your auto parts, you can be very relieved by the extension model. The project manager will give you a detailed introduction to the production process. And mark the details to estimate the accuracy, and there are three dimensional precision detection before packaging and shipment. Ensure that the customer's accuracy is not too large before packing, so there are not many regular prototypes in charge. There are fewer and fewer three-dimensional accuracy tests for you free of charge. You are welcome to contact us at any time.

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