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Prototype production plant-Worth long-term cooperation

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-04- 07 15: 03

when looking for a prototype production factory, the customer is very concerned about the accuracy, because the higher the accuracy of the prototype, when testing new products, the more accurate the conclusion will be. At present, there are many prototype manufacturers in Shenzhen, adding up to no less than 500 large and small. In so many prototype factories, what kind of choice is better?

Mr. Zhang is a hardware worker who searches'Prototype production factory' Find the extension model and connect with the business segment. Duan learned that he has been plagued by the tolerance of objects. So Duan Gong told him that the extension model is machined with 5 axes, which is much higher than the peers in terms of accuracy. Because there is no reason to say, Mr. Zhang is not so convinced, so Duan Gong invited him to visit the factory.

after about a week, Mr. Zhang came to the extension dimension model. Under the leadership of Duan Gong, he visited the workshop. During the visit, he found that the current prototype manufacturer has more than 50 hardware processing machines, two five-axis machines, and a high-specification three-dimensional inspection machine. After going back, the order was placed on the same day. After the extension model received the advance payment, it was immediately produced.

to the delivery date, Mr. Zhang received the goods, there is also a three-dimensional test report. Mr. Zhang was very happy and revealed the idea of long-term cooperation. He said that he was very relieved to do things. If you need to find a prototype manufacturer worthy of long-term cooperation, look at the extension model.

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