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Prototype sample processing, choose this company cost-effective

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2018-10- 07 11: 17

Shajing Sanxin Electronics Co. , Ltd. needs prototype sample processing. Over the years, he has found several prototype factories, however, the prototype is always selected at a low price, so the effect of the prototype is not so satisfactory. Now he is thinking hard and thinks that he still wants to find a prototype factory with high cost performance. Although the price may be slightly higher, the publicity effect brought by the low-cost prototype is really incomparable. The prototype customized by the extension model has a high cost performance-- Not only the price is reasonable, but also the processing accuracy is very high.

extension dimension model is a 17-year prototype sample processing manufacturer, if you need to customize the prototype model with high cost performance. Then, the extension model is your best choice. In the extension model, there are 55 CNC machining centers, some of which are five-axis machines. When processing the prototype, the accuracy can reach 0. 01mm, this prototype is very good for testing new products, and it is also used to attract customers' attention at the exhibition.

Shenzhen prototype sample processing manufacturer-- Tuowei model has a factory building of 5000 ㎡, 55 imported precision equipment, and more than 80 experienced prototype Masters, ensuring the quality of prototype sample processing from all aspects, friends who need to customize the cost performance are still hesitating. Hurry up and smash the list!

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