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Remote control silicone key prototype of soft rubber prototype

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Shenzhen tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd. is a company specializing in industrial product design, prototype model, mold manufacturing, the product beer plastic is a one-stop manufacturing industry company. The excellent design concept is more elite design. The advanced 3D rapid prototyping and 55 large-scale CNC processing equipment are in line with the world, the processing size of 1800*700*250 can meet the different needs of industrial manufacturing customers. The company's business covers all parts of the world. The enterprise aims to promote the progress of social industry and create a new miracle of industrial development.

tuowei has Sample post-treatment professionals and dust-free paint spraying rooms, it can carry out a full set of surface treatment work such as polishing, spraying, painting, sandblasting, silk screen printing, pad printing, UV oil, metal oxidation, wire drawing, electroplating, etc, it meets the customer's requirements for high-quality samples. With 16 years of accumulated rich experience, the company has a strong technical support force, a 6S management system strengthened internally, and more than one hundred professional and technical personnel work hard every day, try our best to satisfy every customer and make every order good. So as to share the challenges and pressures of customers and provide competitive solutions for customers.

cnc prototype assembly technology

Advantages of three-axis and multi-axis CNC machining

accuracy and speed

we use mature CAD/CAM software to write tool path, the rotating speed of our equipment can reach 24000 revolutions, and we can do fixture positioning processing for workpieces with difficult appearance. Our program engineers will. X_T and. Convert a 3D file in STEP format. Igs format for production and processing. Our industrial designers and structural engineers can create 3D models based on 2 drawings.

equipment and software

in order to unify production and processing and reach a high-precision prototype production, we use large CNC for machining. As an ISO-certified CNC machining center enterprise, we will process the key size error specified by customers by 0. Within 05mm.

CNC automatic drilling machine

CNC automatic drilling machine is a very advanced processing method, it mainly uses the cutter to operate up and down along an angle direction, and the workpiece is safely fixed on the lathe along the two axial surfaces, moving left and right and moving back and forth.

about confidentiality

friends, can enjoy the double protection of confidentiality:

1. Confidential software

This confidential software can be said to be advanced at present, as long as the drawings are copied from our company, they cannot be opened on any computer unless authorized by our company. That is-- Even if the salesman of tuowei did not do it in tuowei, he could not open the drawings on the computers of other companies even if he brought them to other companies, and he was impeccable in information confidentiality.

2. Confidentiality agreement

any confidentiality agreement signed between tuowei and the customer, both have legal effects. We will not hang the customer's product pictures on the website or publish them to other platforms within the time limit stipulated in the agreement, let alone show them to any irrelevant people, so as not to give your competitors a chance.

sales process:

receive the quotation. Professional Engineers and technicians provide accurate quotations according to the 3D drawings provided by customers.

receive orders. Professional business team, responsible for customer contact to receive orders.

proposal discussion, 3D programming. Make suitable plans in a short time according to customer requirements.

The production speed of the compound mold is fast, and the appearance treatment of the product surface is very beautiful.

handle the appearance of the product. Professional Assembly team handles the appearance of the product, sandblasting, polishing (Handmade, more refined and perfect) , Oil injection, silk screen printing, electroplating, flocking, anode treatment, laser engraving and other advanced process design, precision and gap control are in the forefront of peers.

confirm the packaging of the product. The professional team verifies the products, ensures that the measurement meets the customer's requirements, and then packs them for express delivery.

Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd. has a professional team of engineers and technology professionals.
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