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Robot prototype customization company, hire us cto guidance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-08- 04 20: 45

most customers will first understand the company's equipment size and professional technical content when looking for a robot prototype customization company. Just in May this year, a Mr. Yang found our company through Baidu search.

contacted customer service online. It is proposed that there is a prototype of the robot, and it is necessary to find the extension model to make the prototype model. When he understood the customer's needs, he was transferred to a professional project manager. The project manager made a detailed quotation and sent it to Mr. Yang using QQ. Mr. Yang asked about our processing machines and professional qualifications. The relevant business sent the corresponding company's propaganda film to him. When Mr. Yang learned that the Tuowei model has 55 CNC machining machines and the us cto is very shocking to do technical guidance, cooperation was soon reached.

after a few days of hard work, finally, the prototype of the robot is ready. After the production is completed, it will be sent to Mr. Yang. He is very satisfied with the use effect of the company's leaders. If you need to find a robot prototype customization company, the extension model is a good choice.

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