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Robot prototype-Paint is not easy to fade

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-01- 21 12: 01

Miss Lou is a purchaser from a design company in Guangzhou, whose company mainly does some small robot projects, participating in the exhibition or product development in the early stage requires prototyping. However, most of the robot prototype factories they cooperated with before were quality problems, and the products were made, and they were painted in a few days, and the surface was very rough.

they just want to cooperate with a better robot prototype manufacturer. They searched the Shenzhen prototype factory on the internet and found the extension model. They learned that the model has 17 years of experience in prototype production, and the technical quality is more severe in Shenzhen. After contacting the staff of the extension model through the network, their procurement team and engineers came to the extension model to see the factory, and the extension model showed them some robot prototypes they had done before, they personally saw the prototype of the extension and felt the high quality of the extension model.

after they returned to the company that day, the drawings were sent to the extension model, indicating that the order was to be placed, and the advance payment was quickly made. few days later, they received a prototype of the robot sent by the extension model. After some testing, it was found that the surface of the prototype was smooth, and the paint was not easy to drop. It was much better than the previous supplier. I believe that such a prototype will go to the exhibition, there will be good results at the exhibition.

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