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Zhejiang prototype factory with strict secrecy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2019-04- 22 08: 01

when most enterprises are developing new products, according to the designed product drawings, we will first make a prototype model to verify that the design of the product meets the requirements, some time ago, a customer in Zhejiang contacted the extension model when looking for the Zhejiang prototype factory on the Internet.

since it is a new product developed by the customer, the customer is more concerned about the confidential problem of the manufacturer, I am afraid that the product drawings will be leaked out when making the prototype model, so when choosing the Zhejiang prototype model factory, I will choose a confidential and strict manufacturer to cooperate.

It is understood that at present, most of the confidential measures of Zhejiang prototype model factories only have confidential agreements with customers. If you choose the extension model, there is another move, that is, confidential software. All computers of the company are equipped with confidential software and need to be decrypted by the general manager before they can be opened to ensure the research and development results of customer products.


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