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Zhongshan prototype factory-55 sets of equipment processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-03- 14 14: 34

after developing a new product, General enterprises will first find a Zhongshan prototype model factory to cooperate in mass production of prototype models for testing. Verify problems such as appearance, size, structure, etc. The production of prototypes can greatly reduce the cost, time and risk of product development. So this is a good medicine to solve the concerns of businessmen.

but there are differences in the way of operation no matter which industry. Take the Zhongshan prototype model factory as an example. Generally, small manufacturers of prototype models rarely have large-scale processing equipment such as cnc, while the extension model company has 55 sets and five-axis machining. The processing stroke can reach 2000X1300X600; Prototype with a length of close to 2 m. The prototype processed by cnc is very delicate.

In the previous month, there was a Mr. Xu who wanted to cooperate with Zhongshan prototype model factory. After many inquiries, he decided to expand the model. At that time, he was a waiter. After detailed inquiries, fang knows that the gentleman needs to process some small parts and needs high accuracy. Duan Gong introduced him to five-axis machining with a precision of up to 0. 01. Then he took Mr. Xu to the workshop to visit, so the list came down. Then I discussed the plan with the engineer. After that, I started to operate. few days later, the prototype model was completed, the photos were sent to the customer, and the courier was very satisfied after the customer received it.

If you say, you also want to cooperate with a Zhongshan prototype model factory, in fact, you can look at the extension model. After all, the company is not only large in scale, but also very powerful. If you don't believe it, you can visit the Tuwei model. You can contact the customer service on the right side and welcome your interruption.

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