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Basic principles and features of laser coating manufacturing technology

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2014-07- 10 11: 50

Basic principles and features of laser coating Manufacturing Technology (1) Principle of laser coating manufacturing technology is also called near-shape technology (LENS) It is a new technology developed on the basis of Laser Cladding Technology and rapid prototyping technology. First, the part model is generated by CAD, processed by layered slice software, and the information parameters of each section shape are obtained as the trajectory parameters of the workbench. Under the control of the computer, the Workbench moves according to the coordinate data of each layer section of the geometry, and at the same time, the material is stacked layer by laser coating, finally, a 3D solid part with a certain shape is formed. (2) The characteristic of laser coating manufacturing technology is that the molten pool formed when laser irradiation is focused is very small, and the parts with precise shape can be made. Because the size of the burning node is similar to the effective diameter of the laser beam, the wall thickness of the component can be accurately adjusted, reducing the post-processing process. The laser proximity method improves the flexibility of the design. By changing the CAD model file, it can easily and economically modify the supplementary parts, flexibly change the composition of different parts of the parts, and make the parts have excellent comprehensive performance. The production cycle is greatly shortened and the efficiency is high. As long as the processed material has a low reflectivity of the laser wavelength used, it can be processed by LENS method. The laser coating manufacturing technology is easy to realize the selective cladding, which can be used to repair large metal parts without the need to make expensive industrial molds, and the production cost is low.

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