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Beijing prototype manufacturers can ship quickly in 3 days

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2018-08- 17 18: 09

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of robot prototypes for 17 years. The factory has 55 CNC machining machines, and many Beijing prototype production customers have contacted us these days. Let's share our cooperation experience with you today.

In August this year, Mr. Chen, a structural engineer of Beijing robot company, used the Beijing prototype manufacturer to see the information of our company on the Internet. Got in touch with us online and docked by our project manager. After the negotiation, we decided to cooperate with us. However, there are certain requirements for the delivery period, and time is more urgent. Because it is a prototype to be produced at the exhibition. If you miss the exhibition time, it will be invalid.

after understanding the situation, our project manager worked out the processing production plan immediately. Asked to ensure that the delivery period is not bad. Our salesman worked overtime to check the progress report to Mr. Chen. Let him rest assured and be very satisfied with our service attitude. In 3 days, some small factories completed the prototype that needed to be processed for 5 days. This made Mr. Chen very satisfied, after confirming the product. We appreciate our company, many prototype manufacturers in Beijing can not achieve this efficiency. Hope to cooperate for a long time in the future.

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